Monday, February 9, 2015

New Titles @ McComb

Titles Recently Donated to Genealogy 

@ McComb Public Library: 

* Mississippi Newspaper Obituaries, 1876-1885
by: Betty C. Wiltshire
Includes abstracts from a variety of Mississippi newspapers, including The Brookhaven Democrat, The Brookhaven Ledger, The Brookhaven Leader, and Summit Conservative Times.

* Index to Early Will and Probate Records of Adams Co., MS
by Carolyn Cole

*  Pardons by the President
Final reports of the names of persons who lived in Alabama, Virginia, West Virginia, or Georgia, were engaged in rebellion and pardoned by the President, Andrew Johnson. 

* A List of the Early Settlers of Georgia
edited by E. Merton Coulter and Albert B. Saye

* Vital Records of Three Burned Counties
Births, marriages, and deaths of King and Queen, King William, and New Kent Counties, Virginia
by Therese Fisher

*  Alexandria and Alexandria (Arlington) County Virginia
Minister Returns and Marriage Bonds 1801-1852
Transcribed by T. Michael Miller

* Apprentices of Virginia, 1623-1800
  Harold B. Gill, Jr. 

*  Wills and Administrations of Surry County, Virginia 1671-1750
Eliza Timberlake Davis

* Butler, Denson, and Allied Families
Research by Hoyt Butler
Other surnames appearing: 
Davidson, Spears, Spillman, Poindexter, Wilkinson, Heard, Jagers, Collins
* Virginia Genealogist
Volume 1, 1957
Volume 2, 1958
Volume 3, 1959
Volume 4, 1960
Volume 5, 1961
Volume 6, 1962
Volume 12, 1968
Each book includes January through March of each year. 

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