Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Additions @ Osyka and Walthall

New Genealogy Additions at Osyka and Walthall Public Libraries...

OSYKA Public Library

1. From Chatham to Osyka: Journey of the Mixon Ancestors
By: Paul Smith Mixon/ Call #: G 929.2 MIX

2. Osyka: A Memorial History, 1812-1978
By: Lucy Wall Varnado/ Call #: G 976.223 VAR

WALTHALL County Public Library
1. The Conerly Family from Duplin Co. NC to Sabine Parish, LA 1716-2007
with allied families Petty, Lee, and Moore
By: Edward B. Kirsten/ Call #: G 929.2 KIR

2. The Stovall Family and Related Lines
By: Lyle Keith Williams/ Call #: G 929.2 WIL

3. The Stovall Family in America (Descendants of Bartholomew of Henrico County, VA 1864)
By: Carmae Massey Smith/ Call #: G 929.2 STO

4. Your Kitchings Roots: Descendants of Matthew and Elizabeth Kitchings 1755-2010
By: Albert L. Brodie Jr./ Call #: G 929.2 BRO

5. The Luter Clan
By: Marie Luter Upton/ Call #: G 929.2 LUTter

6. Mark Rayborn and Rhoda Rayborn: Their Antecedents and Descendants
By: Vada Phillips/ Call #: G 929.2 RAY

7. Holmes ~ RialsMemories!By: Theo Rials Bryan/ Call #: G 929.2 BRY

8. The Sibley family in America 1629-1972
By: James Scarborough Sibley/ Call #: G 929.2 SIB

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