Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Newly Cataloged

*McCOMB Library*

1. Lions Club History, 1938-1996
History of McComb Lions Club

2. The Canary Island Migration to Louisiana, 1778-1783
The history and passenger lists of the Islenos volunteer recruits and their families
Compiled and written by Sidney Louis Villere'

3. Conflict of the 1860s
The 7th Mississippi Regiment
written by William Hadskey 

 *LIBERTY Library*

1.  History of Liberty Presbyterian Church

2. The 1795 Chimney-tax of New Orleans 
A guide to the census of proprietors and residents of the Vieux Carre'
by Winston De Ville

3. Brown 
Descendants of Joseph Brown of Old Pike and Old Lawrence Counties, Mississippi
Researched and compiled by Gregory S. Smith

4. The Eli Robertson and Elizabeth Webb Family 
Lineage records compiled by Ouida Robertson Cooke

*GLOSTER Library*

1.  History of Operation of the Valley Lumber Co., Gloster Lumber Co., Inc., and the
Gloster Lumber Manufacturing Co. (a partnership) 

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