African-American Genealogy

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The books/microfilm listed below are owned by the McComb Public Library unless otherwise noted.

·         Slaves of Liberty: Freedom in Amite County, Mississippi, 1820-1868
By Dale Edwyna Smith                             

·         Celebrating 117 Years! Rose Bower Missionary Baptist Church – LIBERTY Public Library
·         Centennial Commemoration of God's Call to Holiness - A Commitment, A Celebration, A Challenge: Church of Christ of Holiness U.S.A., 1896-1996

·         Amite County, Mississippi Cemeteries by J. Paul Mogan
·         The Marion County, Mississippi Cemetery Record by Stanley Arnold
·         See Also: Pike County Death Information 1929-1933

·         The Continuous Legacy of an African-American family (Dillon family)
by Ron Fisher
·         The Crutcher Family of Yazoo County, Mississippi, 1800s-1900s (Crutch, Crutcher family) by Marguerite K. Shaw-Pickett
·         Oliver Wendell Cunnigen, Sr. (biography) 9 page booklet
Plus a newspaper clipping of his 100th birthday in July of 1981
(in the genealogy vertical files)                                   
·         Commodore Dewey Higgins (5 page biography + pictorial review)
Principal of Burgland High School, Pike County, MS
Folder also includes a newspaper clipping on Charles D. Westbrook, the first African-American to be named to the McComb School Board in 1969.
(in the genealogy vertical files)
·         Butts, Bradley, Walker, Robinson, and Kenerson by David Walker –
LIBERTY Public Library
·         Lanterns at Our Feet by David Walker – LIBERTY Public Library

·         Secrets to African-American Roots: a guide for researching American records (2006)
by Collette Smith
·         Black Roots: A Beginner's Guide to Tracing Your African American family tree (2001) by Tony Burroughs
·         Black Genesis: A Resource Book for African-American Genealogy (2003) by James Rose and Alice Eichholz
·         Finding Your African American Ancestors: A Beginner's Guide (2000) by David T. Thackery
·         A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your African American Ancestors (2003) by Franklin Carter Smith and Emily Anne Croom
·         Pike County Marriage Records on Microfilm
Years Available: 1888-1927
·         Amite County Marriage Records on Microfilm
Years Available: Dec. 1866 – Jan. 1872
·         Walthall County Marriage Records on Microfilm
Years Available: 1914-1926
·         Marion County Marriage Records on Microfilm
Years Available: November 1908-January 1930
·         George County, Mississippi Colored Marriage Records, June 17, 1910 through December 21, 1979 (book)

·         Negro Soldiers: Free Men of Color in the Battle of New Orleans, War of 1812 by Rosemarie Fay Loomis – LIBERTY Public Library

·         Burglund High School Graduation Program for May 30 – June 2, 1965
·         Homecoming of the Lincoln County Training School 1901-1982 (August 21, 1982)
(in the genealogy vertical files)
·         See Also: Pike County School Census


·         Mississippi Narratives, Vol. IX by Works Progress Administration (WPA)
Note: This book is shelved in the Reference area



* Freedman's Bureau (MS Dept. of Archives)
includes search tips...scroll to bottom of page to conduct a search

* Amite County - Largest Slaveholders (1860) and Surname Matches in the 1870 Census
(currently offline - CLICK HERE to see an archived version)

* African-American Gateway - Mississippi
from Allen County Public Library

* Pike County MS Magee-Varnado Heritage (by Willie Robinson)

* Robinson, Varnado & Other MS Family Research (by Willie Robinson)

* The Dillon-McGruder Family Homepage (by Wallace "Matt" Dillon) 
(Offline as of 04/2016  *Click here to see an archived view of this page*)

*The Gwendolyn McGowan-Seagroves Family Homepage (by Gwendolyn McGowan Seagroves)

* Brumfield Genealogy

Coney Family  
Includes info on the Coney Family Reunion and also has sections on Coney family history and the Coney family tree

* Westbrook Family - Descendants of David and Phyllis Westbrook of Amite County, MS
(Offline as of 12/2015 - *CLICK HERE to see an archived view of the page* 
Westbrook Family Facebook Page

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