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Find information on our local genealogical society and a list of family names
members are researching

Find information on Amite County's genealogical society, along with links to past newsletters
Visit their Facebook Page

Summit Historical Society
 (archived version - original is offline as of 6/2018)
Find information on the Summit, MS historical society
Visit their Facebook Page

Located in Jackson, MS - A "Must-Visit" if traveling and researching in MS
Among other things, the site includes a listing of all their newspaper microfilm
 and a digital archive section

Search for marriages in Pike County, MS
Images not included

Search for deed and record information in Pike County, MS

All records on this site are submitted by volunteers.

MS GenWeb
Select a county and view available records. All records are submitted by volunteers.

A great source for looking up marriage dates

Discover information in some of the early counties of Mississippi

A digital repository of historical materials from institutions all around Mississippi,
including a treasure trove of digitized pictures
 from the Amite County Historical and Genealogical Society

Records on this site are submitted by volunteers

Your portal for finding census information on the internet

Online Death Records and Indexes - MS
List of links to online death indexes

A collection of genealogy links relating to Pike County, MS


A free, searchable database of historic newspapers offered by the Library of Congress
Images from over 250 U.S. newspapers,
including several years worth of the Southern Herald, Liberty, MS

Images of 18th, 19th, and 20th century articles from the site owner's personal collection


Search Census Records, US Indian Census Rolls, Freedman's Bank, and More
On the left menu, click "More Links"
Scroll down and click "Heritage Quest" 
(PAWLS Library Card Required)

Search Census Records, family trees, historical books and genealogies, and more

Search for your ancestor's burial.

Genealogy articles, tips, and lists of the newest genealogy records on the internet
All about disasters that may have affected our ancestors
 Genealogy Book Links
(Archived Version - Original offline since last checked on 7/11/2017)
Links to free, public domain, online genealogy books

Links last checked - 6/29/2018              Links last modified - 8/28/2018


  1. do accept family genealogy books

  2. Hello. Are you asking if we accept donations of family genealogy books? If so, the answer is yes! We are always happy to receive donations. You can send me a message by clicking here
    and filling out the contact form.